Derek moved from Texas to Los Angeles to co-found Maker Studios, which was later acquired by The Walt Disney Company. He immediately used that success to start another company but soon found himself overworked and burnt out. Needing to hit the reset button, Derek packed up his yacht and set sail down the west coast. He reached the border of Guatemala before turning back north to Los Angeles. Not wanting to give up the sailing lifestyle, he quickly found a knack for yacht sales. Now he gets to share his passion for boating everyday!


Another Texas-native, Lauren ended up in Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California where she majored in Communications and double minored in Theater and Musical Theater. A self-proclaimed landlubber, Derek somehow convinced her to cruise down the coast of Mexico where she became an expert at filleting a fish while underway. Having an affinity for organization, Lauren now runs the administrative side of Shelby Yachts while also working as an actor.


At Shelby Yachts, we’re here to give you confidence and security throughout the entire sales process. Whether you’re purchasing or selling, our mission is to be honest and transparent to provide you with a completely stress-free experience.
Derek and Lauren